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What are your fees?

Everything is completely tailored to the client. Unfortunately, it just depends. We won’t know until we talk with them and look at the books. We can say this our packages start at $375.

Do you do taxes?

We think about taxes as we think about payroll. Both are gross. Also, like payroll, we know some amazing tax people.

Will you send invoices to my clients?

The short answer is most likely. However, it does depend on the volume and frequency of the invoices.

Will you track my receipts?

We do not. We provide a google drive for clients. If they want to put them in there they are most welcome to.

Will you pay my bills?

For us to pay bills for the client, they have to follow a very particular process. Even in the business, the same person who is entering the bills should not be paying them.

Can I just hand you everything and be done with it?

The best way for clients to pass everything along is to work with us upfront – when we first start working together, we’ll have lots of questions and need access to a few of our client’s specific systems/software. After that, all clients have to do is answer our questions each month and show up to our financial calls. As the months go on we’ll have fewer questions.

What kind of information do I need to get started?

We need access to Quickbooks Online. If there is anything else, well chat about it on the discovery call.

How do you accept payments?

We take ACH payments. For our monthly clients that same amount recurs every month. They fill out the form once and we are good to go.

Do I have to commit for a certain amount of time?

Nope. We do have a contract but it’s month to month. Anyone can cancel at any time.



We originally met because she looking help from our business (advertising and marketing), but the relationship quickly evolved to us needing help from her! She been amazing to work with, and we love having her as a partner to help our business. She's friendly, positive and great at explaining areas she's an expert in that we be as familiar with. I highly recommend contacting her business or personal bookkeeping needs!
- Audrey C.


Wonderful to work and a very good communicator. Highly recommend.
- Jeff B.


JoyBooks is detail oriented, savvy in this business, and dependable. I completely trust her to handle bookkeeping and financial statement preparations accuracy and timeliness. Also, she is relatable, funny, and kind, making it easy to do business her company.
- Romie H.


Joybooks made my life and business management so much easier. Joy's attention to detail and knowledge been extremely helpful as we launched our new business. I highly recommend using her services and trusting her your businesses finances.
- Meaghan G.


Absolutely amazing! She unsurpassed attention to detail, and is overall a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking bookkeeping services!
- Christina H.


The best! She is super responsive and even suggested ideas that would be helpful in some tracking our business. I have yet to meet any other bookkeeper that is as responsive, knowledgeable, on the ball and helpful than Joy. She knows what she is doing and is very attentive to detail. I would recommend to anyone that would like to know where their business is at financially and to grow.
- Hannah J.


Don't waste your time and energy worrying about where your is going - do yourself and your business a favor, and hire JoyBooks! Whether you're needing bookkeeping your business, budgeting your personal finances, or anything in between, JoyBooks will have covered. I would recommend them and their services to anyone!
- Vika R.


Outstanding! She's a hard worker, caring and a wonderful personality. I would recommend her to anyone!
- Dede


Amazing! Without her insight, help and care it would have been so difficult my wife to get her new business financially off the ground and running. If want your business to thrive, well, you’re gonna want to call Joy. Do it, it worked us!!!
- TJ W.


I love working with Joy. She is so helpful, knowledgeable and thorough! I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help their books.
- Anna R.


Together we'll make sure we are the best fit and what the next steps should be.

We want to know about you.

What service types are you most interested in? You can choose more than one.

What bookkeeping software do you use currently?

Our base packages start at $375/month but are customized for each client. Is this within your budget?