List of Services

Classify & record transactions

Take your bank statements, receipts, invoices, bills, etc. then record and arrange them into their proper categories within the bookkeeping software.

Reconcile transactions

Making sure the general ledger (the spot in the bookkeeping software where all your recorded transactions are listed) and the bank records are in agreement, making the necessary adjustments so they have the same balance.

Produce draft financial statements

Pull the numbers and transactions into reports, review them for accuracy and analyze the numbers.

Produce final financial statements

The core ones are the income statements (aka profit & loss), balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. Different reports can be made depending on your business’s needs.

Accounts Payable

Helping you manage and record your bills & invoices, monitor when they are due and paid. Keep in mind, a bookkeeper, or really anyone other than the business owner, should never pay bills for you. (One of the major ways fraud is perpetuated in businesses is by giving an employee the ability to authorize payments…it’s best practice to do this yourself as the business owner)

Accounts Receivable

Helping you invoice, collect, and track the money you are owed.


We process payroll so your employees and contractors can get paid on time and you can stay compliant.

Additional Services

Have a conversation with the client

Interpreting the numbers on the financial statements is a huge part of a great bookkeeper’s job. Business owners shouldn’t just be handed a handful of financial reports each month, you need to know what these reports are telling you about your business in a language you understand. Understanding these financial statements can help you as a business owner make educated financial decisions within your business. So this conversation is very important! This is also when your bookkeeper can suggest improvements to save you money and/or time.

Budgeting…(A.K.A. Your Financial Success Roadmap)

A “financial success roadmap” separates the good businesses from the great businesses. The bookkeeper’s role in this would be to help create, implement, and monitor the budget.

Assisted Payroll, Clean-Up,

Xero/QBO subscription, phone/email access

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